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07-Jun-2017 14:25

See what’s good about what you have and start loving it. When you share yourself with another (imperfect) human being, you will feel more alive, happier and more fulfilled—because you have shared your life, and your Self with another.If you're dating - or thinking about dating - an older man, you may be concerned about keeping his interest.Only two men out of the hundreds that contacted me stated their name, signed their note or said a few words about themselves. There is not an easy way to respond to this, much less—to make a conversation out of it.Women feel safe when you introduce yourself—and safety is important for a woman. Meeting on a dating site leaves out the information that all of our senses could provide if we were to meet in person—voice, body language, the way we speak or look at each other, the ease with which we communicate. The easiest way to start a conversation is to be interested in her. Show attention by asking her about something she cares about.And as time goes by and your connection deepens, she will trust you, respect you, love you, and choose you over every other man.10) Don’t get caught in the not enough game. Looking for the perfect woman can leave you lonely and unfulfilled.When you meet a woman who excites you, stop looking for more. Because the real fulfillment comes from opening up to be understood and allowing yourself to love and to be loved.What you call “her laundry list” is a simple way for her to show you what to talk about.She is testing you—to see if you’re paying attention.

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Now we have Internet dating, speed dating and lunch dating.In other words—the exchange of live energy between us. This means that you must read her profile and notice a few things you can ask about.In the digital dating world, a “hi” simply doesn’t cut it.3) Make it easy for her to respond. She probably left clues all over the place—to make it easy for you to pick up a conversation.4) Be a good listener.—usually that’s a question that’s easy for her to reply to. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this one.

The more she gets to know you—the safer she will feel. It’s well known that attraction shows up more easily when you are taken out of your comfort zone and have the adrenaline pumping.

I also realized how clueless we all are in the art of connection, internet interaction and romance.

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